Java(tm) Communications API Solaris Installation Instructions

Version 2.0.3


  1. Ensure that the library can be loaded.   You can do this

  2. either by adding to the environment LD_LIBRARY_PATH  or
    by copying to /usr/lib.

    Example: Assuming your current working directory is where you extracted the distribution,

         % setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH `pwd`:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH



    or, if you have administrative privileges on your machine,

         % cp /usr/lib

  3. If you are using JDK (not JRE) Add comm.jar to your classpath.


     Example: If you don't have a CLASSPATH set currently,

         % setenv CLASSPATH `pwd`/comm.jar

    or,  if you have something in your CLASSPATH already,

        % setenv CLASSPATH `pwd`/comm.jar:$CLASSPATH

  5. Copy the file to your <JDK>/lib or your <JRE>/lib directory.

  6. If you don't have write permission to <JDK>/lib or <JRE>/lib, you can keep in the same directory as comm.jar.   The search order for is:
    1. <JDK>/lib
    2. the directory that contains the first valid comm.jar that is included in the classpath.

    The file must be installed. If it is not, no ports will be found by the system.
  7. Make sure you have the JDK native thread package installed. This implementation only works

  8. with native thread. Look at for details.
  9. You should now be able to run your comm application Example:

  10.   % java YourCommAppPkg.YourCommApp

       Note: If you are using JDK 1.1.6, include the -native flag. Example:

       % java -native YourCommAppPkg.YourCommApp

  11. Several serial port sample applications are provided with this release. One of them is BlackBox.

  12. To run BlackBox, first add BlackBox.jar to your classpath:
      % setenv CLASSPATH BlackBox.jar:$CLASSPATH

    then run BlackBox:

        % java -native BlackBox

  13. One sample driver NullDriver is included in the samples/NullDriver directory.

  14. This is useful for folks attempting to write a new driver for their own hardware.

Running with the JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

Use the -cp option to the JRE to specify the path to the comm.jar file and to your application.

   % jre -cp /home/extra/comm.jar:/home/bin/BlackBox.jar BlackBox

       or, if using  JDK 1.1.6

   % jre -native -cp /home/extra/comm.jar:/home/bin/BlackBox.jar BlackBox

The file must be in the same location as the comm.jar file or no ports will be found.

API Documentation

The javadocs directory contains the API documentation generated by javadoc(1) from comments
in the source code. To view the HTML files, point your browser at the main documentation page,

Notes/Known Limitations
  1. In the current implementation we do not support the notify methods listed below:

  3. The get...() methods can only return what the Solaris driver believes the state to be.

  4. and the following signals are not determined properly as per the following notes
  5. In the current implementation we do not support port ownership contention resolution across

  6. multiple Java(tm) Virtual Machines. It also does not support uucp style ownership contention
  7. Both parity errors and framing errors are reported as parity errors.

  9. Support for parallel port is very limited.

  11. On Solaris platforms the handshake mode needs to be specified for both the
    input and output mode on both the sending and receiving side for it to work properly.


Copyright (C) 1998 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.