About DbUnit

DbUnit is a JUnit extension (also usable with Ant) targeted for database-driven projects that, among other things, puts your database into a known state between test runs. This is an excellent way to avoid the myriad of problems that can occur when one test case corrupts the database and causes subsequent tests to fail or exacerbate the damage.

DbUnit has the ability to export and import your database data to and from XML datasets. Since version 2.0, DbUnit can works with very large dataset when use in streaming mode. DbUnit can also helps you to verify that your database data match expected set of values.


2004-05-31 Version 2.1 released. Multiple bugfixes and enhancements. See changes .
2004-04-28 DeveloperWorks article: Control your test-environement with DbUnit and Anthill .
2004-03-16 The DbUnit Wiki is now officially online. Please contribute to the SupportedRDBMS page.
2004-01-26 ONJava article: Effective Unit Testing with DbUnit .
2004-01-22 Version 2.0 released. See changes .
2003-10-05 Version 1.5.6 released. See changes .
2003-07-16 Federico Spinazzi joined the DbUnit developement team.
2003-07-16 Version 1.5.5 released. See changes .
2003-04-04 Version 1.5.1 released. See changes .
2003-03-01 Version 1.5 released. See changes .
2002-11-07 Eric Pugh joined the DbUnit developement team.
2002-07-17 The java API documentation is now available online .
2002-07-17 Version 1.4 released. See changes .
2002-05-10 Timothy Ruppert and Ben Cox joined the DbUnit developement team.
2002-04-04 Version 1.3 released. See changes .
2002-04-04 New website design and logo done by Silphid Creations .
2002-03-19 Version 1.2.4 released. See changes .
2002-03-15 Version 1.2 released. See changes .
2002-03-10 Version 1.1 released. See changes .
2002-02-27 Version 1.0 released. This is the first public release.