HSQLDB Find File Sample Application

This application builds a database of a directory tree and allows you to search the database.

This example application is designed for programmers who are new to the JDBC. The functionality is kept low, so it should be easy to understand what is going on. It connects, execute queries and inserts data into the database.

First, the database must be initialized with a path. All the file names in this directory and all its subdirectories will be stored in the database. After this is done, the database can be searched for files that match a specific pattern.

This sample application is not compiled as part of the hsqldb jar. You should compile it yourself. You should modify the following examples to include the correct location of the hsqldb.jar in the commands.


Re-create database from directory '.':

java -classpath hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.sample.FindFile -init .

Find files like 'name':

java -classpath hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.sample.FindFile name

This text is based on HypersonicSQL documentation, updated to reflect the latest version of HSQLDB