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LightCrypto is a set of Open Source Java
classes with basic cryptographic routines using the BouncyCastle lightweight API.

It uses a minimal amount of memory so it can be used with J2ME, browser applets, on small Java devices such as PDA's or Java enabled mobile phones or in any other situation where Sun's JCE (Java Cryptographic
Extensions) is too heavy for the job.

Hsqldb-ready functions are also included.

Feature list:

# Create digest from strings and files with MD5 (default), SHA-1, SHA-256 , SHA-512 or RIPEMD160 hash algorithms
# Encrypt/Decrypt strings and files using the AES (lightweight implementation) algorithm with any keylength (default 128 bits) in CBC mode with PKCS12 padding.
# Encrypts the symmetric keystore and protects it with a passphrase (PBE)
# Functions to hash/encrypt/decrypt data in HSQLDB embeddable database engine using SQL statements.
# Open Source
# 100% Java
# Uses the lightweight API instead of Sun's JCE (Java Cryptographic Extensions)


Beta 1 (including HSqldb routines + examples) has been released and can be downloaded on

Open source, lightweight cryptography extensions to Java for use with LightCrypto or HSQLDB for SSL access can be found here:

The open-source FormattedDataSet may be the easiest way to generate dynamic text such as HTML, and XML.

I just deployed a demo WAR that allows developers to enter any hsqldb join and render the results as an HTML table that can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. I picked hsqldb for my database as I didn't want anyone that installed the war to have to worry about installing a database.

The demo also times opening/closing Connections, ResultSets and Statements. This WAR would be useful for you guys to give out to demonstrate your database.

The demo works with any RDBMS.

Check it out at and select the live demo link.