Grammatical Framework Documents

Top-3 documents: Tutorial | ReferenceManual | LibrarySynopsis


Quick start instruction.

GF Tutorial, Now up-to-date for GF version 2.9. Covers all of GF.

Language and system documentation

GF Quick Reference. Also available in pdf. Covers all features of GF language in a summary format.

GF Reference Manual. A full-scale reference manual of the GF language.

User Manual explaining the GF user interfaces and command language (slightly outdated).

Editor User Manual on editing in the Java interface.

Chart of GF grammar compiler phases.

Grammar library documentation

Resource Grammar Tutorial Chapter.

Resource Grammar Synopsis for library users. With APIs and use examples.

Resource Grammar HOWTO for library authors.

Embedding GF grammars in computer programs

Embedded Grammar Tutorial Chapter.

Embedded GF Interpreter manual for using GF grammars in Java programs.

Embedded GF API for using GF grammars in Haskell programs.

MCFG/GF library for Prolog, for using GF grammars in Prolog programs.

Theoretical studies

Grammatical Framework: A Type-Theoretical Grammar Formalism (ps.gz). Theoretical paper on GF by A. Ranta. A later version appeared in The Journal of Functional Programming, vol. 14:2. 2004, pp. 145-189. The standard reference on GF.

Expressivity and Complexity of the Grammatical Framework, PhD Thesis by Peter Ljunglöf.

Introductory talks

GF in 25 Minutes - overview for computer science audience.

Slides on GF theory and implementation given at INRIA Rocquencourt in December 2003.

Slides on example-based grammar writing and a short introduction to GF grammars.

Course notes on Natural Language Technology, includes slides on using GF.

Examples and applications

Formal and Informal Software Specifications, PhD Thesis by Kristofer Johannisson.

Embedded grammars, Master's thesis by Björn Bringert

Demo film of a multimodal dialogue system built with embedded grammars.

GFCC (pdf): report on a compiler from a fragment of C to JVM, written in GF.


Bibliography: more publications on GF, as well as background literature.