Java(tm) Communications API Read Me

Java(tm) Communications API Read Me

Version 2.0.3


The Java(tm) communications API can be used to write platform-independent communications applications for technologies such as voice mail, fax, and smartcards. This download features API documentation in HTML format, reference implementations for the Solaris and Win32 platforms, and sample software.

This version of the Java communications API contains support for RS232 serial ports and IEEE 1284 parallel ports. With updated functionality, one can:

  1. Enumerate ports available on the system.
  2. Open and claim ownership of ports.
  3. Resolve port ownership contention between multiple applications.
  4. Perform asynchronous and synchronous I/O on ports.
  5. Receive Beans-style events describing communication port state changes.
Please note that the Java communications API does not support unsigned applet access to ports prior to JDK 1.2. For JDK versions 1.2 and beyond access to ports is determined by the JDK security policy implemented by the system administrator.

Installation Instructions and Platform Specific notes for Solaris
Notes about use with SunRay on Solaris systems
Java Communications API user's guide
Java Communications API FAQ
How ReceiveFraming, ReceiveThreshold, ReceiveTimeout, and InputBuffer interact


Browse API Documentation included in this software bundle

Samples documentation:

Year 2000 Compliance

The Java communications API is Option 1 year 2000 compliant. Sun defines Option 1 compliance as:

Option 1: all dates unambiguous

The Java communications API has no date related functionality and does not rely on the underlying operating system or JDK for date related functionality.

The JDK and the operating system on which the Java communications API run are being assessed separately for year 2000 compliance. For complete year 2000 confidence, check the compliance statement for each component in your system.

For more information on year 2000 compliance at Sun, see Sun's Year 2000 web site.

Further Questions

The Java Developer Connection(tm) (JDC) offers several avenues to answer questions about using the Java communications API, including discussion groups with other developers. You must register to use the JDC, but there is no charge for registration.
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