JavaServer Faces Technology

JavaServer Faces technology is a server-side user interface component framework for Java technology-based web applications.

The main components of JavaServer Faces technology are as follows:

The well-defined programming model and tag libraries significantly ease the burden of building and maintaining web applications with server-side UIs. With minimal effort, you can

As shown in Figure 9-1, the user interface you create with JavaServer Faces technology (represented by myUI in the graphic) runs on the server and renders back to the client.

The UI Runs on the Server

Figure 9-1 The UI Runs on the Server

The JSP page, myform.jsp, is a JavaServer Faces page, which is a JSP page that includes JavaServer Faces tags. It expresses the user interface components by using custom tags defined by JavaServer Faces technology. The UI for the web application (represented by myUI in the figure) manages the objects referenced by the JSP page. These objects include

This chapter gives an overview of JavaServer Faces technology. After going over some of the primary benefits of using JavaServer Faces technology and explaining what a JavaServer Faces application is, it lists the various application development roles that users of this technology fall into. It then describes a simple application and specifies which part of the application the developers of each role work on. Finally, this chapter uses a page from a simple application to summarize the life cycle of a JavaServer Faces page.