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Project OpenDMK README

Project OpenDMK - Open Source Project for the JavaTM Dynamic Management Kit

Build opendmk-1.0-b02


Project OpenDMK is an open source release of version 5.1 of the Java Dynamic Management Kit (Java DMK).

The majority of Project OpenDMK code is being distributed under the terms of the license present in the LEGAL_NOTICES folder. Some binary components listed on the Project OpenDMK download page are covered under the Binary License for Project OpenDMK, and must be downloaded separetely from the Project OpenDMK download page.
Note that the Full Binary Bundle also incorporates classes from the Project OpenDMK binary plug and is therefore submitted to the terms of the Project OpenDMK binary license.

The binary components are contained in self extracting jar files. To expand a self extracting jar file simply type

    java -jar <self-extracting.jar>
in a terminal window.

This release of Project OpenDMK has the same features and code base as Java DMK version 5.1, with the exception of some legacy or deprecated APIs which have been removed.

This release of Project OpenDMK does not have its own documentation set.

Moreover, this release is intended to run versions 5.0 and above of the Java SE platform.


Building Project OpenDMK Sources and API Documentation

The binary bundle of OpenDMK already contains all the OpenDMK Java archive (JAR) files and the API documentation. You can, however, build them yourself from the Project OpenDMK source bundle.

How to build the sources:

  1. Download the Project OpenDMK source bundle zip file from, and expand it into a working directory.

  2. Then download the Project OpenDMK self extractible binary plug jar file from, and expand it into the OpenDMK-src directory by typing
    java -jar <downloaded-binary-plug.jar>
    in a terminal window. You should now have a directory named opendmk-binary-plug in the OpenDMK-src directory.

  3. Navigate to the expanded OpenDMK-src source directory (where the build.xml file is located) and run the following commands:

The OpenDMK-src source directory can also be loaded directly in the NetBeansTM IDE as a NetBeans project.

Linking Your Application With Project OpenDMK

You will need to add the following Project OpenDMK JAR files to your classpath, depending on what you want to do:

Runtime: Choosing an MBeanServerBuilder

The factory used to create MBean server objects is By default, this factory uses which creates MBeanServer instances from the Java platform's JMX 1.2 implementation.

The Project OpenDMK provides a custom builder com.sun.jdmk.JdmkMBeanServerBuilder which creates OpenDMK MBeanServer instances. You only need to use these if you want to plug interceptors into your MBean server.

To set the Project OpenDMK MBeanServerBuilder as the default initial builder, add the following option to the java command when you run it:

For more details, see the API specification of the com.sun.jdmk.JdmkMBeanServerBuilder, and classes.

Additional Documentation

You can refer to the following documents:
Copyright © 1998-2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Use is subject to license terms. build opendmk-1.0-b02