Class JdmkMBeanServerBuilder

  extended by
      extended by com.sun.jdmk.JdmkMBeanServerBuilder

public class JdmkMBeanServerBuilder
extends MBeanServerBuilder

This class represents a builder that creates Java DMK 5.1 MBeanServer implementations.

The JMX MBeanServerFactory allows for applications to provide their custom MBeanServer implementation. This class used to wrap a Java DMK 5.1 MBeanServer around a Sun JMX 1.2 RI MBeanServer, thus adding the possibility to plug MBeanServerInterceptor in the MBeanServer.

In order to set the Java DMK 5.1 MBeanServerBuilder as default initial builder, you should specify on the Java command line.

Java DMK 5.1
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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new Java DMK MBeanServerBuilder.
Method Summary
 MBeanServer newMBeanServer(String defaultDomain, MBeanServer outer, MBeanServerDelegate delegate)
 MBeanServerDelegate newMBeanServerDelegate()
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Constructor Detail


public JdmkMBeanServerBuilder()
Creates a new Java DMK MBeanServerBuilder. The Java DMK MBeanServer implementation wraps the JMX MBeanServer implementation, and provides advanced features such as MBeanServerInterceptors. The JdmkMBeanServerBuilder created by this constructor wraps a new MBeanServerBuilder, from which the JMX MBeanServer is obtained. If you set the Java DMK MBeanServerBuilder as the default builder by specifying on the Java command line, this constructor will be called.

Method Detail


public MBeanServerDelegate newMBeanServerDelegate()
newMBeanServerDelegate in class MBeanServerBuilder


public MBeanServer newMBeanServer(String defaultDomain,
                                  MBeanServer outer,
                                  MBeanServerDelegate delegate)
newMBeanServer in class MBeanServerBuilder

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