JavaTM Web Services Developer Pack 1.6

The JavaTM Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) is an all-in-one download that contains key technologies to simplify building of Web services using the Java 2 Platform. The technologies comprising your installation of the Java WSDP are:

See the Integration Notes for information about running the integration scripts that come with the Java WSDP. These scripts allow you to integrate the Java WSDP component technologies with a different Web container than the one that you selected at installation time or,if you installed the Java WSDP with the "No Web Container" option, you can use these scripts to integrate the component technologies with one of the available Web containers.

See the Release Notes for release information about the Java WSDP.

To browse the API documentation for the Java WSDP technologies, see the API Reference.

Click here to download the version of the Java Web Services Tutorial that works (on Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 Update Release 2) with this version of the Java WSDP. See the J2EE Tutorial for information about the other Web services technologies.

We have also provided instructions for using a template build file that contains Ant targets, which simplify building and setting up the classpath for your Web service clients.

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